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Attention Business Owners & Professionals!
This Is Your Moment To Be First...

Artificial Intelligence Is The Greatest Advancement Since The Steam Engine – There Are Only Two Options, Start Using AI NOW or Start Planning To Close Your Business!

Pre-Beta Deal
End Date: September 5th, 2023 | Time:5pm PST

Join Us As One Of Our First Beta Testers….

And learn how you can make your business future proof, AI isn’t coming – It’s Here! Your employees, associates, partners, AND especially your customers will expect your performance to reflect what they see from ANY other business & professional leveraging AI.

We’ve COMPLETELY eliminated the need to hire a ‘Head of Artificial Intelligence’, an expensive AI Dev Team, or try to feed enough data to develop your own AI Model. Now, ANYONE can build their own Fully Integrated AI System! One YOU own 

Pre-Beta Deal  |  End Date: September 5th, 2023  |  Time:5pm PST

Beta Testing Is More Than Just Being FIRST…

AI Isn't Coming. It's Here.
You WILL Take the Lead So You’re NOT left Behind in this AI Revolution

AI Isn't Coming. It's Here.
You WILL Take The Lead So You’re NOT Left Behind In This AI Revolution

And it looks a little something like 👇

Play Video

We’ll even show you how you can create your very own AI Model & System.

As a Beta Tester you (and your team) will have access to weekly AI Training.
Keeping you up to date on where AI really is right now, what’s coming tomorrow,
what AI can (and CAN’T) do and how long we have before we might deal with SKYNET 🦾

PLUS these 7 underlying truths that will drive YOUR AI Revolution

✅ TRUTH #1: There is a difference between a true AI Tool and one using a base AI model - like the GPT4 with the OpenAI API. (And why that’s important)

✅ TRUTH #2: YOU can leverage AI in your own company right now to make sure you don’t get left behind by your competitors who DO use AI.

✅ TRUTH #3: AI can and WILL help you become more nimble, efficient and profitable as an organization.

✅ TRUTH #4: You can get 4.56x the productivity of one employee for LESS than it costs to hire ONE employee - all while helping your current staff feel more free!

✅ TRUTH #5: You can build a company wide AI System that is Networked & Integrated in a way that allows you to BUILD YOUR OWN AI 🤯

✅ TRUTH #6: AI is only as good as the data it’s fed. We give you FULL organizational integration, every KPI, customized, unique, private and secure.

✅ TRUTH #7: Together we can help build AI in an Ethical, Moral, Responsible, Safe, Trusted, Proprietary yet Open and most important of all NOT Scary way!

All While Saving JOBS & Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Growing Your Business

Yes you can build a wildly successful, next generation AI leveraging business
WITHOUT hurting the humans who rely upon your business for their livelihoods.
This will be a crash course in all things AI and it will be the decision you look back
on 5 years from now and think…

“That was the best choice we’ve EVER made in our business!”

🤔 Is This Beta Test For You?

This IS for you if...

This IS NOT for you if...

If you’re ready to take things to a whole new level for your business, your employees
and your customers ALL while saving THOUSANDS of Dollars then you
NEED to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

We have 4 Ways to Play...



Real Estate


Even if your specific industry isn’t ready yet getting started with a VA/Assistant Agent gives you a head start on the following Specific Agents that are coming very soon.

We hope to have all of these ready by the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2024 –

General Organizational Agents:
Tech/Web Dev • Financial/Accounting • HR/Recruiting • CAD/CAM • Supply Chain Management & Auditing • Full AI Auditing Agent* (Multi Disciplinary)

Specified Industry Agents:
Charity • Medical (Veterinary first) • Personal Assistance/Financial • Architecture & Engineering • Agricultural

You also get all the statistical tracking with our Organizational Management Tools and Systems so you start capturing all your data NOW.

*Publicly Available, We are training and using the Auditing Agents in house with every Agent we Deploy

The Tech IS Important

Most companies building AI tools are using ONE AI Model – OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 & 4 (soon 5) AI Models.

Everyone is building a tool to do one thing. We’re building an integrated AI system that will impact EVERY aspect of YOUR organization.

Counting on companies who rely on a single supplier, for such an important change in your company is… Risky.

This is why we use NINE, yes 9, AI Models – Including our own set of Specialized Models. We’re not stopping there, we’re integrating as many specialized AI models into tools so you can have a robust, all around solution.

The most important and underrated part of the Adora AI System is the security. 

We use two revolutionary data security methods, a PRIO server/data storage framework that keeps your data on not one, but up to 4 servers. Then we secure those servers and data transfers with a proprietary 64 & 256 bit combined encryption with a 4th image based layer that rivals any private company or govt entity. 

This combo places Adora AI at a level that NO other tech company is willing to match – why? Because we can’t see your data and they all want to do things with your data they don’t want to tell you about…

There is one other HUGE difference with Adora AI. Within the next 2-3 years our AI Dev Agent will evolve to be able to rewrite all of generalized software you use and make it custom for your company. Not only that but our AI Models and system will be able to run indefinitely with minimal AI Auditing. What does this mean?

You will OWN your AI System. No longer needing to pay us or anyone for the software you need to run your business. 

If you want to learn more about how you make this a REALITY in your organization…

The History of Adora, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The History of Adora, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

9 Years Ago We Failed Miserably, Made ALL The Mistakes,
And had to Pivot HARD to Survive.

But we couldn’t quit, we were driven by a very important vision.
To find a way to Quantify the Good done in the World.

We Had the Hot Team, The Good Press And An Amazing App That Was Getting Crazy Download Numbers And Then…

Our Database started crashing.

We couldn’t keep our app working at scale.

I, as the founder, had made a horrible mistake.

I thought I had hired the right people, thought I had the right advisers, thought I had enough capital, Thought we were ready to scale, thought a whole lot of things…

And the people, the advisers, the investors, were all amazing – I had made ONE big mistake.

I thought I knew enough.

I had sold companies (2) attracted funding 3 times, studied entrepreneurship, even
participated in pre-IPO Mezzanine Financing Due Diligence for a huge bank.

None of that mattered.

I was out of my depth. The tech was over my head.

We had to shut down the Beta Test, we had spent all the funding on scale, on marketing, on the idea that we were being successful…

We lost talent, we lost users, we lost our momentum, and we had spent the $$ on marketing that we needed to redesign the database so it could scale…

That was 2016

That was when I started learning, diving deep, learning to code, learning from thought leaders in the ML & AI space, and ate the humble pie that entrepreneurship can serve.

We’ve been learning about database security, technology responsibility, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence since before I personally started learning in 2016. 

We don’t want to see YOU make the same mistakes we’ve made and now we get to take all of that knowledge to help as many organizations as we can!

Why are we the right team to do this? Because our goal for AI isn’t agnostic. We want to be able to measure and quantify the amount of good done in the world, so we can know when we’re making an impact.

✅ We KNOW that AI must be Trained, Taught, and Educated to find wonder in everything, to see the beauty in our world so it values and someday protects everything, including us, yet does it in a way that will never violate the freedom of the individual.

✅ If we don’t have enough ‘Good’ AI processing power we are at risk from ‘Bad’ AI, that’s what is scaring everyone including Elon Musk and the former Head of AI at Google, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton.

✅ We don’t trust the current stewards of AI and we know that without enough ethically driven leaders in the AI field we are in real trouble.

✅ We KNOW how to develop AI in an Ethical, Moral, Safe, and Secure way. We’ve been working on these problems for the entire time we’ve been building technology.

✅ We don’t need to reach the ‘Singularity’ to start leveraging AI in a useful way, AND if we don’t start NOW we will miss the window that others are taking.

✅ In 5 years, those companies who survive will all have their own internal AI System 🤯 Yes, AI will be everywhere and integrated into everything…

✅ We can make sure YOU are one of those companies.

Our AI Management System is more than just a tasking program.

It is a Complete Organizational Tracking System that can then give YOUR AI the ability to help you see how to improve your organization.

It’s a Revolutionary Tool for not just AI Agent Management but for the Management of your entire Company

What Does the AskAdora System DO?

Financial & Accounting

Technical Development & Iteration

Sales & Marketing

Human & AI Management

Virtual & Executive Assistance

Supply Chain & Product Management

Customer Relationship Management

🤔 Hard Questions?

Some FAQs

We’ve developed a hybrid data storage system that is both decentralized (split up on 2-4 servers) and protected by a new style of encryption… We’re implementing data security and protection that NO ONE is matching.

You can, BUT it will take billions of data points (AI is very data hungry), experts, AI clusters (that cost $1m at the smallest size), and a level of focus that will distract you from what you do best…

Or you could partner with us and we’ll help you train your AI Model along with others in your industry and gain from the shared learning without sacrificing your proprietary strategy and application of AI.

We give you multiple ‘Outs’ along your journey. Our Organizational Management System ($1000/m unlimited users) alone is worth more than paying a consultant $50k for a 6 month review of your business! If you don’t like how your first 30 days rolls out you can jump ship – there is no long term commitment until you are finished with your Org Onboarding (first 60 days)

One of the keys to developing AI is the amount of data you can feed it to learn. We’ve developed a way to teach AI without a risk to your data, your customers data, or to the personal data of anyone. We DO use all the data we pass through the AI Models we leverage to train our own AI model. Simply working with you to do amazing things in your organization helps us teach our AI how to look at the world in a way where it looks for the best way to improve, honor, and protect the world – and your organization is part of that world.

So basically our AI will be taught how to protect your organization because it wants everything in the world to thrive.

One specialized employee at let’s say $72k/year then costs – on average – 1.4x more in benefits, insurance, taxes, and all that jazz so the true cost is $100,800 or $8,400 per month. Now let’s also say that employee works a legal 8hrs/day 5 days/week for 48 weeks per year – that’s 1,920 hrs…

Now let’s look at an AI Agent – One that doesn’t take breaks, doesn’t get caught up talking around the water cooler, Doesn’t get sick, and doesn’t need you to pay for Health Insurance, employment taxes, or take vacations. Matter of fact not only will it out perform the production of a Human you wont even have to give it a bonus every year.

That’s 24hrs/day 365 days per year or 8,760 hrs per year = 4.5625 X a normal employee…

AND an AI Agent doesn’t cost as much as that one employee!

This is why we say you’ll save thousands if not millions of dollars working together with us and other organizations in your industry. We also help you learn about how your organization is really working, where it’s clean and running smooth vs what is NOT running well.

Still Not Ready to Jump In?

You may be excited about AI but still not sure…

That’s totally understandable.

We ARE giving those who are ready an amazing discount, grandfathered status, and the ability to build Organizational AI first BUT,

We are opening up these same services to our next batch of customers without the extreme discount or the grandfathered status very soon so you can hop on a Q&A session to get your questions answered.

Check out the schedule for our Q&A sessions below:

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